Don’t worry, see you at the next concert!

Non preoccuparti, gli eventi ed i concerti all’Osteria Agricola Toscana si sono presi sono una piccola pausa. Stiamo lavorando al nuovo calendario degli eventi e presto ci divertiremo di nuovo insieme. Vino, cibo e musica. Tutti insieme. In Osteria.

Ne vous inquiétez pas, les événements et concerts de l’Osteria Agricola Toscana ont pris une courte pause. Nous travaillons sur le nouveau calendrier des événements et bientôt nous nous amuserons à nouveau ensemble. Vin, nourriture et musique. Tous ensemble. Dans l’Osteria.

Don’t worry, the events and concerts at the Osteria Agricola Toscana have taken a short break. We are working on the new calendar of events and soon we will have fun together again. Wine, food and music. All together. In the Osteria.

Osteria Agricola Toscana

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