Rosa della Piana, Igp Toscana BIO 2017 Az. Agr. La Piana, Isola di Capraia, Toscana

Aleatico Toscano IGP 2013 Rosa della Piana, vino originale,carico di sentori aromatici, sorso elegante, struttura intensa, agile e fresca. Abbinamenti consigliati: aperitivi, pesce e crostacei, pietanze di verdura e formaggi…e tanti altri ancora da scoprire!

100% “Aleatico” wine grapes are organically grown. Vintage: grapes are manually picked. Maceration: white fermentation of red grapes. Mellowing is carried out in stainless steel for 4 months. Final mellowing stage is carried out in bottles for 2 months. Characteristics: Seductive as pink, elegant florality releases combined with hints of herbs and in the mouth has a good balance between acidity, aroma and fruity component. Recommended combinings: appetizers, fish,shellfish and cheese


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